Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tagged again:-)

Dear M!,

Thanks for tagging me and for so much more:-)))
Here are my answers...

I am: many!

I think: there is so much beauty in the world, sometimes I cannot take it in!

I know: myself like no one else does.

I want: much, again.

I have: some of the most beautiful people in my life, their kindness and thoughtfulmness reinforces my belief in life and in God.

I wish: for the moon… :( and so much more lately.

I hate: much in me. The rest don’t matter!

I miss: some things very very much!

I fear: to see the ones I love in pain. It’s killing.

I hear: more than is being said. Less than what is being spoken.

I smell: lovely. Thanks G, for the new fragrance:-) It's going to be with me for a while.

I crave: for the simple and the minimalist.

I search: all around. I am not sure if I will ever find it.

I wonder: about people and life all the damn time.

I regret: lots!

I love: easily.

I ache: the most in my heart!

I was not: born only to live by the norms. I have a mind that I can exercise.

I am not: fond of chinese anymore.

I cry: when inside is up to the brim already.

I believe: that everything dies and renews to another shape, another form, and in another time. That love and compassion is the greatest of all. I believe in The Big Bang Theory, that we all came from one source and we are all moving apart. That nothing is forever. I believe in Karma and in God.

I dance: to immerse in music, merge with my surroundings and then be one with everyone and everything. I dance to intoxicate my senses.

I sing: not even when I am alone.

I read to: Get wings. To transcend to another time, another world, another life. To get props for a new act. To tease my senses, soothe and tickle them and learn of new sensations.

I don't always: remain the same. I am in or I am out. I am high or I am low. I am up or I am down.

I fight: and I feel guilty.

I write: to let out and let go, to reconnect, to understand and reassure. Sometimes, I simply scribble.

I win: Nah, I lose… always!

I lose: myself in parts and sometimes completely.

I never: say forever, anymore.

I always: wear my hair wherever I go.

I confuse: myself the most.

I listen: poorly. I interrupt instead.

I can usually be found: in my shell or when I am out, wandering.

I am scared of: people and ghosts, life and death, attachment and then detachment.

I need: love all the damn time!

I am happy: when I see lights. Like on a busy road in the night and I am out there in the open, watching cars zoom by, their lights flashing on me. When I am in love or I am loved! When I travel to meet places, understand their history, befriend their people and start a relationship for a lifetime. When who I am doesn’t matter and the one who I am with doesn’t frikking care, when the surroundings act as a beautiful backdrop and everything else is perfectly facilitating our existence in that moment and when the world begins to feel as one.

I imagine: myself in long hair and maroon robes.

I Tag: G, where ever you are.


Quicksilver! said...

Iris! If you say thank you one more I will……..*can’t think of what I’ll do, at the mo, so leaving it blank*

I hear: more than is being said. Less than what is being spoken.
I can vouch for THAT!!:)

I imagine: myself in long hair and maroon robes.
You’re kidding me, right??!

Thanks for doing the Tag!:)

Anonymous said...

loved the last bit. love it all, actually.

think m gna plant a whole field of you somewhere near my house real soon!!

btw, my olfactory modality is still craving ...hhaa :)

Quicksilver! said...

You've been Tagged!*in hope for a new post* :)))))) Details on my blog.

I said...

very nice shell! you say so much in little sometimes!