Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Breaking Stereotypes

So M! has tagged me again to shake me out of my laziness! :-) And I am happy to take up this tag.

This one is about lisitng your sins agasint gender sereotypes.

This tag requires you to list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done that your gender is not supposed to.

Now, this one’s difficult! I am a good girl and I don’t like to sin. It’s the wrong shape and size of mind that does it… not my waistline, mind you… that finds it difficult to fit into this stereotypical mould created for a woman.

Here’s my list of sins:

1. I do not flutter my eyes and charm guys. 

2. I am not high on gossip. I prefer facts!

3. I CAN and DO find other women pretty, atractive, or HOT!

4. I wear clothes for comfort. Fashion is second.

5. I find decking up myself in front of the mirror for hours very cheap.

6. I do not wear rings, ear rings, trinkets etc etc. Less is more.

7. I am not shy. I blabber when I have to make a point.

8. I am more than my clothes, my shoes, my hand bags, and my non-existant make up.

9. I do NOT find every second guy good looking or attractive. Most are infact duh!

10. I am really more about ‘me’ and less about my gender.

You are all tagged. Go, BREAK THE RULES!!!


Iris said...

M!s comment:
Ah!Dhamki's work!;-D
So happy to read this,I like it all!:)

Vée said...

Those are not sins, those are qualitys ;)

Jack Kung said...

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Rohit Malik said...

so, how to get in touch with you? :-)


treeboy360 said...

Clothes can bring out the best in people, they can also be a form of self expression
however you are right about over doing it :)

Nickz40 said...

one word : LIKE!

Nickz40 said...

one word : LIKE!

Alina said...

1,3,4,5,6,7 I go the same with that! I like it!!

Praveen RS said...

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